APRIL: ArtPrize (Apply)

ArtPrize takes place in September each year.

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The Bonifas Art Center is located in Escanaba, MI.

ArtPrize takes place in Grand Rapids, MI.


FROM ArtPrize 2017

Bonifas Arts Center is again encouraging UP participation in ArtPrize.  Below you will find a notice to UP artists and we ask that you help encourage by forwarding and posting.
As we learn who the UP ArtPrize artists are this year, we will ask you to continue to promote the UP contingency, our sneak preview exhibit on Mackinac Island, and voting for our UP artists!
From: Bonifas Arts Center
RE: UP@ArtPrize 2017
Dear UP Artist,
Due to some difference of opinion regarding selection criteria with the Harris Building we would like to encourage all artists to attempt and except connections from any venue they think will serve them best.  It is our sole desire to have a strong UP presence at ArtPrize 2017 and so we will continue with our efforts to promote all participating UP artists and to present the PrePrize exhibit at the Center for the Arts at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. 
Tracking UP Artists Participation
We ask that once you have made a venue connection, please notify the Bonifas Arts Center (kate@bonifasarts.org) so that we can track all participating UP artists and include you in this year UP Vote Campaign
We will need: 
  • Your contact info
  • Website (if available)
  • ArtPrize image & dimensions
  • Artist statement
  • Venue name & location & their contact info.  
You must also confirm whether or not you would like to be considered for
UP PrePrize exhibit at Mackinac Island.
More about the PrePrize @ Mackinac Island: August 20 – September 9 
This is an invitational and selection will be based not only on artistic merit, but also logistics like space availability, and artwork availability prior to ArtPrize deadlines.  
To be considered, you must indicate your interest when you notify the Bonifas of your acceptance to ArtPrize and your venue location. 
NOTE: The PrePrize exhibit will be just prior to ArtPrize. This means that your ArtPrize artwork must be completed early and delivered to the Bonifas by Wednesday, August 16.
Bonifas Arts Center and the Mackinac Island Arts Council will be providing transportation assistance from the Bonifas to the island and from the island to Grand Rapids (GR).   
The reception will be Sunday, August 20 at 2 pm. at the Center for the Arts, Mission Point Resort.
We are still working out details regarding delivery to individual GR venues and those installations. Please remember that being an ArtPrize artist means that you are responsible for your transportation and installation.  
As we learn the details regarding the participants and the venues, we will work with you in planning the details of transporting PrePrize artwork to GR.  
In the meantime, please consider being a volunteer on the “gallery crew” and/or for making your own installation arrangements for the GR venue.  
We will keep you posted once we have more information. 
Important ArtPrize 9 Dates:
Artist Registration
April 17 – June 8
April 26 – June 22
Preview Week
September 13-19
ArtPrize Nine
September 20 – October 8
How to make a connection:
We are looking forward to showcase the UP as a strong and dynamic arts and culture region.
Pasqua Warstler                                                           
Bonifas Arts Center, ArtPrize artist 2009                      
Cindy Wedig
ArtPrize Team Member, ArtPrize artist 2016
Philip Rice
Program Director
Mackinac Arts Council
(906) 984-4124